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It all began about 8 years ago when my lovely wife decided to change up her look. (BTW she's the cutie in that wedding pic above)

It was nothing new for me. Except for this time around she wanted extensions that would last longer. Being the frugal fashionista she was, spending thousands of dollars on hair extensions just wasn't an option for her.

And with my background in data, I knew I'd be able to find an online company with quality extensions at an affordable price range. 

So I started my search. And boy did I search!

In the end, I realized I was really left with only one option. Spend TONS of money.
But we were a young couple and we were just starting out in life. Plus we had our first baby boy on the way! And jeez, did I even mention student loans?! But I didn't give up. I couldn't!

My wife had a need, and no matter how big or small it was, in my heart I knew it was my obligation to fulfill it. That was the promise I made her the day we both said "I do" and it was a promise I didn't want to break!

So if I couldn't find a company that could give us amazing quality extensions at an affordable price then there was only one solution...Create it!

And that was the beginning of LaFemme Deluxe, a beauty brand that has since grown and transformed into the UltimateHairFactory.

After 8 years in the business, we've had the honor of partnering with some of the beauty industry's top professionals, from hair salons and hairstylists to Youtube Gurus and social media influencers. 

We're proud to say UHF has become the number ONE choice for everyone, from moms and students to corporate professionals and everyday fashionistas.
I can tell you our dedication to excellence has brought us tons of amazing success.
But, when you're a husband whose always been dedicated to making his wife look and feel beautiful, building a company that would put smiles on faces only seemed natural. 

And with that, I'd like to say a huge thank you for giving me the chance to put a smile on yours.


3 Reasons Why You'll LOVE UltimateHairFactory:  

1. The Ultimate Customer Experience

We're not driven by what we do, we're 100% driven by why we do it.

Our founders are super passionate about making everyday women feel beautiful. And we know hair shouldn't be complicated.
That's why our goal is simple. To make you LOVE your hair. 

We put together and amazing Customer Happiness Team team entirely dedicated to making sure your hair experience is the ultimate one. We're available M-S 10am-8pm by email. But as always, we're always just a chat, tweet or Snap away.

So don't be shy CONNECT WITH US! Whether it's Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or Snapchat, we're always excited to hear from you!
Don't forget to hashtag #UltimateHair for Exclusive Promotions and Deals every day.

 2. 100% Ultimate Guarantee.

UltimateHairFactory extensions are color-friendly, versatile, lustrous, and packed full of volume.
From our luxurious bundles and silky clip-ins to our exclusive custom Glueless Lace Units, we've made it super easy to achieve long-lasting, no damage head-turning style.

We're so confident in our quality that we've backed each and every UHF purchase with our elusive 100% Ultimate Guarantee

That means if for any reason you're not happy, give us a call! We'll do everything we can to make sure you leave with a smile (even if that means skipping lunch).

3. The Ultimate Quality

UHF Clipins & Hair Extensions are selectively sourced from prime regions in India, Southeast Asia, and surrounding villages. 

These are the most highly regarded and resilient virgin hair extensions on the market. Not only are they free from chemical processing, but they also don't contain that shiny silicone coating that prevents hair extensions from lasting long. 

UHF extensions are different. And by different we mean the best darn hair you'll ever have. With proper care, you can continue reusing your extensions for up to one year or even more. But remember, extensions are just like your natural hair. They need love!

So don't forget to keep your tresses moisturized, conditioned, and free from damaging hair care products. To learn more helpful tips about maintaining your brand new UHF Extensions check out our "Ultimate Hair Care" tab.